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● Proud to be associated with Texonic Instruments for the nationwide distribution.
● Usage of Kevlar in indoor fiber optic cables is considered for strengthening the structure of the cable, which is making to a high tension, has risen the demands from customers. More orders can be expected in future. Innovation is helping for better sales.
● Fiber splicing machine is becoming boon since it can be considered with all of the fibre types and also at any weather conditions. Its features are being compact, lightweight, automated kind operations, reserving up to the eight thousand groups of the splice results and even high battery capacity of two hundred times of continuous type splice. Also, colour monitor display will be easily acceptable by customers. There is thin line between innovation and our product sales. Fiber optic splicing machines already creating a sensation.
● FTTH Tools/ Fiber Optic Stripper, Cleaning tools and equipments helps in quick time action. The whole kit is included with appropriate tools for the instantaneous completion of the task taken.
● Fiber Optic Outdoor enclosure with dome type as well as horizontal type have broadened the purchase of customers thusly more sales can be met.
● Fiber optic attenuators has been tested for superb attenuation accuracy and stability even.
● Our client data centers employees and customers are benefitting in terms of accessibility, communication and overall business performance.
● Our notion of space saving with Fiber Optics Cable harness is helping new customers to consider purchasing. This is simply interesting innovation.
● Category 6RJ45 Lockable Keystone Jacks is tested for effective results from the manufacturing unit. Its special nature of key lock protection basically to prevent at loop connectivity can be an advantage to the data center solutions.
● FTTH Sheath Cutter having adjustable feature saves time and this can be well accepted in the market.
● Training to enthusiast helps in better skills recognition and recruitment.

The 3C3 Structured Cabling Solutions extends across:



LAN Solutions
3C3 brand of structured cabling products and solutions provides a multitude of Cable, Connectivity solutions reaching from the Data centre to the desktop. In addition, all structured cabling solutions are supported by the best warranty in the business:
25-year performance warranty


Fibre Plug-And-Play

Fibre Plug-and-Play Solutions
Whether backbone or the desk, optical networks achieve peak performance with fibre connectors, patch cords, and panels featuring integrated cable management and bend radius protection. While they are easier to install and more economical to own and operate, proper cable management practices make fibre networks less susceptible to accidental damage. This makes ita longerterm solution that is easy to expand as the need grows. To ensure optimal network performance, fibre solutions incorporate key cable management concepts:
Bend radius protection | Adequate cable troughing with clear routing paths | Easy accessibility to installed Fibres | Vertical cable protection.


Data Centre

Data Centre Solutions
The Data Centre is the most critical resource forany organization. Many organizations simply shut down when employees and customers are unable to access the servers, storage systems, and networking devices that reside there.The most sophisticated Data Centres seek Tier IV reliability of 99.995% network availability (Uptime Institute). But all the redundancies and advanced power and available cooling measures are worth nothing if cable, connectivity and cable management systems are inferior. This leads to network downtime which ultimately affects customer satisfaction. The 3C3 distinct solutions in both Copper and Fibre categories satisfies the demands of Data centres.