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Copper Installation Tools

UTP/STP Cable Stripper Dia 5-6.2mm with Punch down Tool

UTP/STP cable strippers are small enough to fit into pocket and provide quality cable preparation. These tools will quickly remove the jacket from UTP and FTP/STP cables and also provided with an IDC 110 style contact blade that can be used to punch leads to connectors or patch panels

  • Self-regulating stripdepth
  • Great for CAT-5, CAT-5e, and CAT-6 datacable
  • Built-in with 110 style punch down (punch only).
  • Mini-sized design for fast and easy use

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UTP/STP Cable Stripper Dia 5-6.2mm

UTP/STP cable strippers are small enough to fit into pocket and provide quality cable Preparation. These tools will quickly remove the jacket from UTP and FTP/STP cables.

  • Self-regulating strip depth.
  • Great for CAT-5, CAT-5e, and CAT-6 data cable.
  • Convenient pocketable size.
  • Mini-sized design for fast and easy use.

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Universal Cable Jacket Stripper (UTP/STP/Co-Axial)

Jacket Stripper have adjustable stripping blades for different insulation thickness to prevent the damage of shielding and conductors. Equipped with Coaxial cable stripper, Round cable stripper, cutter and flat cable stripper

  • Can be used Strips round Cat 5e and 6 UTP/STP,flat cables. And to Cut cable.
  • Compact size..
  • Adjusting screw for varied cable diameters to avoid scoring interior conductor insulation.
  • Strips Diameter- 4mm – 7mm

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Punch Down tool (Impact Tool)

The standard punch-down tool is ergonomically designed for comfort, has easy to install twist and lock blades and has both 110 and 66 blades available.

  • Suitable for 110 cross-connect or on reversible termination block for punch and cut or punch only.
  • Compact body is easily stored or carried in your tool box, tool bag, or pocket.
  • Spring-loaded design provides a fast, low-effort wire seating and termination.
  • Internal impact mechanism eliminates jamming for longer, trouble-free service life.
  • Universal-type tool uses standard twist and lock blades for terminations.
  • Clearly labelled on the cutting side to reduce costly punching errors.
  • Made of high-carbon tool steel, heat-treated and precision ground for long life.
  • Reversible blades for seating/cut, or seating only for jumper wires.
  • Rust-resistant finish to ensure years of use.

Non-Impact Punch Down Tool (use on 110 Type)

High performance non-impact punch down tool terminates twisted-pair wires on 110 punch-blocks. Tool has reversible blades for cutting and non-cutting punch down termination.

  • Designed for use on 110 terminal blocks.
  • Simple - Fast - Easy.
  • Easy to handle.
  • Designed for use on 110 terminal blocks.
  • Simple - Fast - Easy
  • Easy to handle.

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RJ45/RJ11 Professional Crimping Tool

RJ45/RJ11 Crimp Tool from 3C3® installs Cat5e/Cat6/Cat6A modular Plug and is specifically Designed for RJ45 & RJ11connector types. This ratcheting, high-leverage RJ45 crimp tool is ultra-stable For repeatable terminations and is perfect for high-performance, larger OD cables that are Tougher to terminate due to larger wire gauges, thicker, harder insulation and pair-separating splines. Be assured that every termination will meet FCC specifications.

  • Panel Crimping action and professional type.
  • Provides precision operation with key way in 8P modular holder.
  • Modular holders are made of AL-ZN, light weight and durable.
  • Cut and Strips wire in one operations, easy and efficient to use.
  • Built-in round cable stripper.

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RJ45 Professional Crimping Tool

RJ45 Crimp Tool from 3C3® installs Cat5/Cat6/Cat6A modular Plug and is specifically designed for RJ45 connector types. It is made of steel for durability. It is used for any Ethernet or telephone cable, compact Design/easy-to-use hand grips. Professional tool crimps, strips and cuts cable for 8 position modular plugs. Function for 8P/RJ-45.

  • Panel Crimping action and professional type.
  • Provides Precision Operation with Key Way in 8P Modular Holder.
  • Modular Holders are made of AL-ZN, Light Weight and Durable.
  • Cut and Strips Wire in one Operations, easy and efficient to use.
  • Built-in round cable stripper.

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Rapid Termination Tool

Rapid termination tool saves time and increases accuracy by seating and terminating all wires at once with a simple squeeze of the handle. Rapid tool allows you to terminate jacks eight times faster than traditional impact tools - with accuracy that’s unmatched.

  • Cuts installation time – easy to use handle, seats and cuts all wires at once, saving you up to 1 Minute installation time per jack! Panel Crimping action and professional type.
  • High quality, consistent terminations – no more compromised connections and wasted jacks.
  • Simple, one-handed operation with an ergonomically designed handle reduces hand fatigue.
  • Replaceable blade head for use with multiple jack types.
  • It can be used for cat5e, cat6, cat6A 3C3® jacks.

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Krone Tool

Krone Insertion Tool is used to connect wires to all of krone’s jacks, patch panel, punchdown blocks. This is krone’s new type of punchdown tool. Krone tool offers a complete line of accessories to support the deployment of the active digital cross-connect.

  • Copper telecom wire or data cables
  • Connection block
  • Flat head screwdriver
  • Replaceable Blades.

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Universal Round Fiber Cable Slitter

Round Fiber Cable Slitter Is specially designed for cable jacket removal of PE, PVC and rubber. This tools is suitable for 4.5mm to 25mm cable diameter. With rotary and spiral cutting method, it’s the fast, safe, and precise jacket removal tools.

  • Ideal for PE, PVC, Rubber Jacket Removal.
  • Rotary cut to longitudinal cut along the cable length for end stripping.
  • Suitable for cable outer diameter from 4.5mm to 25mm.
  • Spiral cut for end stripping and mid-span stripping.

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Cable Bunching Tool

The Cable Bunching Tool efficiently arranges up to 24 data cables to optimize bundle size and improve installed appearance. The organized cables can then be easily secured using Velcro’s & Loop Cable Ties. The tool's ergonomic, compact design is comfortable for installers to handle and also works well in tight spaces.

  • Reduces cable installation time up to 50% compared to traditional methods.
  • Arrange cables in up to 24 positions for optimal bundle size and aesthetics.
  • Two inserts handle multiple network cable diameters.
  • Unique design allows twist-free bundling from the end or the middle of bundle
  • Smooth edges; safe for use on network cables preventing cable abrasion
  • Impact resistant material and low friction design to glide smoothly across cable bundle

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UTP Tool Kit

UTP Tool kit comprises of all tool kit required for quick and efficient repair of issue with UTP network. 3C3® provide all necessary items with a carry case. A complete design for cabling solutions. Includes remote cable tester for the most of cabling systems before or after system installed.

  • Multi-Network cable tester for RJ45 – 1 nos
  • RJ11 (UTP/STP) and BNC – 1 nos
  • Modular Crimping tool for 8P8C/RJ45 – 1 nos
  • 6P6C/RJ12 and 4P4C/RJ11 – 1 nos
  • Adjustable impact punch down tool with 66 and 110 blades – 1 nos
  • Stripper for UTP/STP wire dia 5-6mm and top end for 110/88 type insertion tool – 1 nos
  • RJ45(8P8C) modular plugs – 30 piece
  • RJ11(6P4C) modular plugs – 30 piece
  • Color strain relief boot – 24 piece
  • Components pocket Zipper vinyl case

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