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Data Center Solutions (High Density)

Category 6 High Density Snap-In 1U Jack Panel

Category 6 High Density Snap-in Jack Panel offers fast and reliable installation of both shielded & un-shielded cables, a rear cable management bar is supplied which acts as stress reliever of terminated cables. Each port of the panel is numbered for clear port identification. Jack panel comply with gigabit Ethernet applications, suitable for interaction and termination of horizontal cabling between devices, equipment and centralized points, fits for 1U & 0.5U equipment racks and cabinets.

Cat6 UTP Slim Patch Cord

3C3®’s Slim 28-AWG Cat6 Ethernet Patch Cable is a small cable with a big benefits. This patch cable will quickly became a team and client favorite. With a diameter of only 0.148 inches, 28-AWG cable is almost the half the size of a 24-AWG cable. Which actually saves more than 50% space when compared to the traditional cables.

High Density Fiber Optic Patch Panel

High Density Fiber optic patch panels made of high quality cold-rolled steel, with surface finish of degreasing, pickling, phosphoric, powder coating. The thickness of powder coating is 80um – 100um. With cable management and clear labels, easy to install, easy to manage etc. More than four times the density of traditional patch panels, greatly saving cabinet space and improve the utilization of the cabinet, creating value for the construction of a modular data center architecture and upgrade the maintenance of cabling facilities

High Density Fiber Optic Patch Cord’s

The High Density patch cords is a totally unique design which can further increase panel density over currently available solutions and allow for the highest density possible. A gentle pull on the tab will disengage it from an extremely dense fiber optical panel. The pull tab is a perfect location to affix a connector label to help in the quick identification of the connector


MTP patch cables connects 10G, 40G, and 100G network switches, servers, and storage devices directly or through high density patch fields and trunks in a structured cabling system. We use only the highest quality, tight tolerance ferrules in our connectors coupled with manufacturing/polishing procedures to ensure insertion loss and back reflection specifications that exceed industry standards.

Fiber Optic MTP to LC Breakout Cable (40G/100G cable)

In addition to standard patch cords, 3C3® also provides several kinds of specialty patch cords, such as MTP to LC breakout cables. 3C3® provides fiber optic cables in numerous custom configurations.

Each cable assembly is expertly polished and 100% tested for low insertion loss and back reflection. MTP to LC Cabling system is ideally suited for high density environment that demands space saving cable density and innovative cable management solutions. MTP connectors have realized multiple fiber connections within a conventional cable, this advantage allows data center designers to deploy ten or twenty of fiber counts in same storage. Simply install the MPT & MTP trunk cable within the building and connect to rear of a MPO Patch Panel or Fan Out.

Pre-terminated Harness Cables

Our Pre-terminated systems and components are designed for rapid deployment: with 100% factory testing and no need for field terminations or splices, installation time is reduced by up to 75%. Data Center installations and upgrades often require unique, custom products. Get the exact solution you need through us. Our pre-terminated components can be customized with user-friendly configurations that take you step-by-step through the specification process.

High Density Fiber Optic Adapter Plate

High-Density Fiber Adapter Panels enable users to make fast, snap-in connections in fiber enclosures, cabinets, and patch panels. High Density fiber Optic Adapter plates designed to easily mount into Connected Fibers enclosures and provide a custom interconnect solution. These high quality adapter panels utilize robust materials and adapters with high quality split sleeves. You can be confident in their performance to connect your system. Connected Fibers also provides the service to load your enclosure with adapter panels, pigtails and splice trays.


MPO/MTP CASSETTES is made of cold rolled steel sheet, MPO Cassette Modules provide secure transition between MPO and LC connectors. They are used to interconnect MPO backbones with LC patching.