Comcore Connexions (3C3®)

Comcore Connexions commenced its operation in the year 2013 and became a full fledged independent manufacturing cum solutions provider of the structured cabling systems. Our company is a ISO 9001 represented organisation, headquartered in Bangalore having manufacturing facility at KIADB Industrial Area, Kumbalgodu, Bangalore.

Our company were OEM for major brands like structured cabling products for 10 consecutive years before forming our own brand as 3C3®. Our knowledge and expertise are defining success to many clients. We are “Make In India” driven organisation producing superior quality products in passive networking solutions in both Cu and Fiber.

3C3® products comprising fiber optic cables has been well accepted by the clients. Our innovation is boosting their business performances. Team has introduced many of the products with rigorous research in fiber optic cables to meet the necessities appropriately hence every client realises instantaneousness at communications. Our fiber optic line with newfangled features has been ordered with confidence. There are many varieties with inquisitive features in finest fiber optic strands.

The fiber optic connectors are provided for peerless solutions, since we are developing the product having immensely less insertion loss and even compliant with the quality standards. Over the years, we have allotted best pricing strategy and managed sales with reasonable fiber cable prices.

3C3® as many clients recognise us, exceeds EIA/TIA standards for the performance characteristic in Copper and Fiber Optics section. We have managed the superior logistics solutions. Manufacturing and Infrastructure facility in Bangalore has hired more than 50 employees in the unit of production, Quality Control and Technical Support. Our notions are developed with uncompromising attitude and the company is recognised for prominence and trust when referring to customised quality oriented products, where it has own indigenous range of products. We are proud to express that, with immense dedication in every phase of work, providing 25 years of performance guarantee and 5 years of warranty in every product we deliver.

3C3®s industry leading portfolio of the network infrastructure solutions has helped customers to gain with bandwidth and reliable access to any information and related processing. 3C3®s structured cabling system is constituted for superior performance.

Enabling Core Communication needs with definiteness and futuristic thinking, we aspire to make it possible with our products and to make it possible with our products and solutions, which leads to optimize the business and achieve success. We constantly focus on better networks and technologies, which provides high performance with quality products. We focus on integrity to deliver a strategic growth opportunities for our customers and maintain transparency with internal and external stakeholders.

To be an eminent company evolved with better quality and high performance products with impeccable solutions.

Integrity, Innovation and Ability.

Since the last two and half years, we are encompassing different sectors like education, Information Technology, Government, Hospitalities and International Clients. Over these success years, we have developed a strong support base comprising of system integrators. Data center solutions provided, covers client’s base in Bangalore, Delhi and also establishing to different region in India in future years. Our PPD offices can be located in Bangalore and Mumbai regions.

We have gained wing of distribution services from the eminent company and progressing towards promptness of services. We are proud to be associated with Texonic Instruments, who are pioneer in Technology Distribution to handle the nationwide demands of our beloved customers. Our initial focus is on bringing 3C3® Products to our unique reseller relationships.

List of customers, who have benefitted from us are Radisys, SBI, Infosys, ACT Group, BHEL, Synergy, Aditya Hospitals, FRUSCHER, Innominds, Yuken, Vijaya Bank and LAPP India and many business relations are continuing further.

WHY 3C3®?

    End To End Solutions
    Bangalore-based manufacturing facility
    Increased flexibility in services, attention
    Timely deliveries
    Personalized service
    Free 3C3®-certified installation/testing training services (Customer and Partner training)

The 3C3® Structured Cabling Solutions extends across:



LAN Solutions
3C3® brand of structured cabling products and solutions provides a multitude of Cable, Connectivity solutions reaching from the Data centre to the desktop. In addition, all structured cabling solutions are supported by the best warranty in the business:
25-year performance warranty


Fibre Plug-And-Play

Fibre Plug-and-Play Solutions
Whether backbone or the desk, optical networks achieve peak performance with fibre connectors, patch cords, and panels featuring integrated cable management and bend radius protection. While they are easier to install and more economical to own and operate, proper cable management practices make fibre networks less susceptible to accidental damage. This makes ita longerterm solution that is easy to expand as the need grows. To ensure optimal network performance, fibre solutions incorporate key cable management concepts:
Bend radius protection | Adequate cable troughing with clear routing paths | Easy accessibility to installed Fibres | Vertical cable protection.


Data Centre

Data Centre Solutions
The Data Centre is the most critical resource forany organization. Many organizations simply shut down when employees and customers are unable to access the servers, storage systems, and networking devices that reside there.The most sophisticated Data Centres seek Tier IV reliability of 99.995% network availability (Uptime Institute). But all the redundancies and advanced power and available cooling measures are worth nothing if cable, connectivity and cable management systems are inferior. This leads to network downtime which ultimately affects customer satisfaction. The 3C3® distinct solutions in both Copper and Fibre categories satisfies the demands of Data centres.


FTTH Solution’s

FTTH Solution’s
Fiber to the Home (FTTH) is the installation and use of optical fiber directly to individual building such as single family units (SFUs), like residences and multi-dwelling units (MDUs), like apartment buildings, and businesses to provide high-speed broadband access. FTTH dramatically increases connection speeds and reliability for broadband networks compared to existing copper infrastructures.