The importance and choice of Fibre tools for System Integrators

Comcore Connexions or 3C3 as we are now known is a one-stop solution for various networking products. The company offers totally integrated solutions to its clients and system integrators, which helps them avoid approaching different vendors and purchasing each ..

The final stop for System Integrators – 3C3

When Comcore Connexions or 3C3 as we are now known was started in the year 2013, the mission and goals of the company were futuristic. We wanted to become enablers for core communication needs and with our products and services, help our clients achieve..

Cat6 versus Cat8 Cables

BSRIA or Building Services Research and Information Association are a UK based organization that specializes in the construction and building services space. According to BSRIA, while the Cat6 cable sales dominated the year 2018 the growth in the worldwide cabling market will continue to grow in the year 2019.It is very important to educate yourself with the right ..

3C3 – a brand in Making

The journey of 3C3 began with a vision of providing innovative, future-ready high quality certified connectivity products and solutions in 2013-14. Today, we are at the forefront of shaping networks for ever-growing demands of various industries..