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At 3C3, explore the endless bounds for your growth through continuous innovation, learning, and a strong desire to connect the world. Apply now to be part of one of the fastest-growing companies in the country.

OWe deliver excellence to clients, and     employees.

Our Employees will always be our most prized asset, as we believe that in order to deliver excellence, we need excellence at our core (our employees). With our already existing experienced diverse pool of talent, and extensive training programs set in place, at 3C3, your career will be filled with constant learning and amazing experiences.

OInnovate to connect

The environment at 3C3 is designed to stimulate constant innovation. The market today demands cutting edge top-quality and reliable products, with flexibility in service standards. Under the guidance of some of the industry's best, you too will be able to innovate and pioneer connectivity solutions for the present and future.

OA strongly connected family

How can we connect the world, when we can't connect our own? At 3C3, we are one big family that achieves and moves ahead together. Teamwork, empathy, and caring for one another are values this family lives by. Our family culture aims to make you feel comfortable in your work surroundings and perform at your best. Growth has no bounds in this family!

we just want to have great people working for us

send us your resume and connect with us. We promise to keep it safe in one of our highly secure databases and contact you in case a suitable opening arises for you.

Corporate Office

Ujjni Pegasus, #1557
2nd floor,
B Wing, 8th Cross,
Chandra Layout,
Karnataka, India

Manufacturing Facility

No. 8A, Bidadi Industrial Area 2nd Phase, Sector-1, Ramanagar Taluk, Ramanagar District 562109

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