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LAN Tester

Multi-Functional Network Cable Tester allows you to test wiring continuity for Cat5, Cat6, Phone and Coax cable assemblies. Identifies mis-wires, short circuits and open circuits. Features two piece transmitter and receiver, two BNC-F coax converters and coax terminator.

  • Tests RJ45 (8P8C) UTP, STP Cable.
  • Two-piece design.
  • Master Unit provides Patch cord function Test.
  • Maximum Testing length up to 1000ft
  • Durable case with a built in handle for easy transportation
  • Rubber grip feet to prevent unit from slipping off flat surfaces
  • Runs on one 9V battery (included)
  • Backed by a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty

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LAN Tracker

The Lantracker is a network tester, pin-by-pin cable tester. As a network tester, it detects whether a network is active or inactive and displays network speed (10/100/1000 Mbps) in either case. It also flashes the network hub or NIC’s port light corresponding to the cable it is connected to, to show the cable’s port number. As a cable tester, it performs loop-back or remote tests of network, data, voice, and coaxial cables, displaying the results on a pin-by-pin LED display which moves from pin to pin automatically or manually.

  • Detects network speed (10/100/1000 Mbps) of an active OR inactive network.
  • Automatic and manual pin-by-pin tests of cable up to 8 pins.
  • Manual pin-by-pin test may go forward or backward through pins at user’s option.
  • Remote unit included for testing already-installed cables.
  • Coaxial F adaptor included for testing coaxial cables.
  • Line tester checks circuit polarity and AC/DC voltage to prevent damage to tester.

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Data Cable Length measuring & Fault Locator

Multi-Function data cable length measuring & Fault locator is very easy to operate and to solve cable installation problem. It can be used for a number of applications such as cable connection sequence, length, user jumper and cable connection continuity and determine any open circuit, short circuit, jumper or cross-talk interference.

  • The lan Tester can check UTP and STP Cat 5E,6,6A and coaxial cable.
  • It can identify and locate the distance of open or short circuit.
  • With the multifunction tester we can determine the continuity and wiring of the cable pattern Comes with the low battery indicator.
  • It uses TDR(time domain reflectometer) to measure the length and distance of the cable.
  • LCD backlight display.
  • There are 8 remote ID available.
  • Memory mode for 8 memory test results.

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Toner (Accessory for NCT-101)

Multifunctional Tester for RJ-45 LAN Cable, BNC/F coaxial cable, tone generator, talk battery, continuity. It is the useful tool set for electrical appliance contractors in the VDV (Voice/Data/Video) market, professionals in telecommunication, network and digital communications, VDV detection and failure diagnosis.

  • Automatic Power-off
  • Possibility of headphones connection.
  • Connection map test: Discontinuity, short circuit, reversed pairs, crossed pairs.
  • LED signal strength indication.
  • Transmitter Toner interfaces: RJ45, BNC, Test Cable.
  • Maximum test cable length of 1000m.
  • Possibility of identifying and tracing wires or cables with no damage to insulation.
  • Tracing a tone, cable continuity , polarity, verifying a line.
  • Adjustable volume control.
  • Alligator clips to connect open wires and for direct connection of internet and telephone cables.

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Cable Tracer & Locator (Tonner)

Cable Tracer & Toner is a Telecom and Network installation, maintenance and Trouble Shooting Tool. It is very ideal for tracing a cable from the Bunch. The Cable Tracer has a unique feature of enhancing talk battery power supply to allow communication over inactive Pairs, using telephone test sets.

It also tests Cable Continuity, tests Line 1 and Line 2 polarity and can determine line polarity and voltage in data and voice lines. It Features a tone signal, two alligator clips, 4 conductor (RJ12) Modular cable, an RJ45 Jack and a Female Optional coaxial connector for multiple connection options, which enable it to test telecom, cat 5 cabling coax cable and bare wires.

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The 3C3® Series PoE Tester is designed for speed testing and verifying standard active and passive PoE networks as well as measuring power level of a PoE system even with reversed polarity on IEEE 802.3 af (PoE), 802.3 at(PoE+) and 802.3bt(PoE++) type3 compliant standard PoE. Voltage Range : 30V to 60V. Max Current : 750 mA each pair, total, 1.5Amps. By performing both one-site PSE voltage testing and In-line (PSE/PD) power level testing.

  • Provides a simple way to test and set up PoE system and troubleshoot connection issues
  • Detects and displays standard active and passive PoE includes type, sources, polarity and power
  • Performs both one-site PSE testing for voltage and In-line PSE/PD testing for power
  • Determines if switch or outlet has PoE capability and display power at PD connected
  • PSE testing displays PoE type (af/at), power source (End/Mid), polarity and voltage, without need a load

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