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28-AWG Cat6 Ethernet Slim Patch Cable

28-AWG Cat6 Ethernet Slim Patch Cable




3C3® Mini cat6 patch cables are smaller than standard cat6 cables, using less critical space in your cabling infrastructure. With a diameter of just 0.148 inches, mini cat6 cables facilitate easier cable management, reduce congestion and allow for greater flexibility in your moves, adds and changes, provides a reduced diameter profile which offers a perfect solution for high density patching applications


  • A 38% smaller cross sectional area and a 33% reduction in weight High performance RJ45 plugs with molded boots.
  • 50u gold plated contacts.
  • 28AWG Cat6 patch cord exceeds all patch cord electrical performance to its limit.
  • Slim line Clear Boot.
  • 28 AWG patch cord occupies less than ½ the space of common used patch cords. This enables simplified cable management and improve airflow, reducing pathway fill and operating cost.
  • 28 AWG patch cord’s is much softer than common used patch cords.
  • Available in both molded and unmolded types.


Parameter Values
Category Cat6
Color White, Yellow, Red, Blue, Green
Conductors 4-pair , 28 AWG
Insulation Material PE
Diameter 0.148 inches
Length 1m, 2m, 3m ,5m *Customized length is also available


  • Used for Ethernet Networks that require bandwidth-intensive voice, data, or video distribution
  • High density patching applications

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28-AWG Cat6 Ethernet Slim Patch Cable