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How 3C3 Performs Quality Checks

3C3 is backed by a team with 70+ years of industrial experience who have been instrumental in the introduction and installation of Ethernet cables and networking products. We manufacture products with high quality features and performance that surpass international standards. All our products are developed from our own Research and Development lab that is well equipped to perform various kinds of quality checks. Our Quality experts ensure each product & component must meet specific requirements before and after manufacturing to uphold the quality and consistency among our products range. They follow certain key processes to assess the quality of a 3C3 product.

Visual/Appearance Test

Each product undergoes a visual test to check its aesthetic view. It involves a close examination of the product on features such as color, printing and physical damage. It also undergoes video scope, digital microscope and lens testing with other sets of instruments. This process provides clarity on whether the product is good for the next stage of the process.

Dimensional Test

All the raw material/products undergo a dimensional measurement test in which each product’s geometrical characteristics are measured. This provides a total geometrical understanding of the product or part with respect to the standard technical design & drawing. Vernier Caliper and Micrometer test ensures that the overall product measurement and accuracy of the product is up to the required standard.

Operational & Performance Test

The manufactured product undergoes a variety of quality tests to acquire a greater grasp over the operational features & performance based specs of the product through Cable analyzer for channel and permanent link performance test, individual component tester for Copper products and Interferometer, back reflection meter, OTDR for Fiber products. Varying aspects of performance such as components assembly and fitment, physical features, loss measurement of cables and patch cords, among others are tested during the process. This overall test is conducted under a high quality test environment in order to certify the product as per the standard performance test design.

With quality comes efficiency. 3C3 emphasises on excellence in performance, creating unmatched quality for its customers with a commitment to produce innovative and sustainable product solutions Follow us on our social media channels including FacebookTwitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.