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The Final Stop For System Integrators – 3C3

When Com Core Connexions or 3C3 as we are now known was started in the year 2013, the mission and goals of the company were futuristic. We wanted to become enablers for core communication needs and with our products and services, help our clients achieve tremendous success and meet their business needs. Our leading portfolio of networking infrastructure solutions assists our customers in accessing any reliable information around the world and related processing.

We are a one-stop solution for various networking products and offer totally integrated solutions to our clients, which help them avoid approaching different vendors and purchasing each system separately.

The company’s very strong values of Integrity, Innovation and Ability has not only propelled it to the top, but has also helped us to stay there. 3C3 is strongly backed up by 25 years of dedicated service and performance guarantee and is extremely delighted and proud to announce that every product that is delivered comes with a 5-year warranty

Our amazing range of products serves various industries like Education, Information Technology, the Government and Hospitality, besides meeting the needs of international clients. Our structured cabling systems speak of superior performances. We are a truly global company with localized solutions and we believe in adapting ourselves to changing situations and moving with the times. Hence our products cater to the demands of new-age customers

We provide a strong support base for system integrators. The importance and usefulness of a systems integrator cannot be undermined. As compared to offering expensive and unique components, we believe in cost-effective and preconfigured solutions.

Why is 3C3 the best partner for your System Integrators?

Our customers are the backbone of our company and the very reason for our existence. Hence it is not really surprising that we offer the best of customized services and technical assistance that is available in the industry

With an uncompromising attitude that is always used while conducting business, we have been able to build a sense of trust and respect amongst our clients. This goes a long way in supporting our belief of a life-long relationship with our customers

Our company is an ISO 9001 certified company and the knowledge and expertise that we offer are the best in the industry

The manufacturing plant that we have at the KIADB Industrial Area, Kumbalgodu, Bangalore is a facility that produces superior quality products

Our policies and initiatives are aligned to those of the current government that very strongly believes in the “Make in India” movement

The turn-around-time of 48 hours for quotes has delighted our customers in the past and we will continue to carry our business in the same way, in the future as well

Complying with the highest standards of quality, our products are innovative and have very less insertion loss. We continue to meet the best pricing strategies in the industry and offer reasonable rates

3C3 products are known for its customized and indigenous solutions

Exceeding ETA and TIA standards of performance, especially in copper and fiber optics, we meet the exacting standards of international customers with ease

An added advantage and value-add that we provide to our customers is the training, hands-on testing, implementation and test procedures of the tools. What makes us stand out from the rest of the crowd and the competition is that we have a deep understanding of our customers and their requirements.

We continue to learn and grow and have established our client base in Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi. Our vision is to reach out to our customers in different regions of the country, in the future.

Our distribution services have become a well-established force to reckon with and the steady progress towards high quality and promptness of service is an amazing journey to watch out for. Partnering with Texonic Instruments which is a leader and a pioneer in Technology Distribution, to serve our customers in all corners of the country was only one part of our initiative to keep our customers happy. Our focus is to continuously strengthen our reseller relationships

Being pro-active and sensitive to customer requirements is the cornerstone of 3C3 products and services and that has established us as a successful and a futuristic company in the industry.