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The Importance And Choice Of Fiber Tools For System Integrators

Com Core Connexions or 3C3 as we are now known is a one-stop solution for various networking products. The company offers totally integrated solutions to its clients and system integrators, which helps them avoid approaching different vendors and purchasing each component separately.

Our amazing range of products serves the networking needs of various industries like Education, Information Technology, the Government, and Hospitality, besides meeting the needs of international clients in India for the Global innovation center.

We provide a strong support base for system integrators. The importance and usefulness of a systems integrator cannot be undermined. As compared to offering expensive and unique components, we believe in cost-effective and preconfigured solutions

Various tools are required for the installation and maintenance of networking products or their use in system integrators.

Why are fiber optic tools important?

Tools are extremely important to install, maintain, and troubleshoot networking products. Fiber optic networks are extremely delicate and complex to install, maintain, and troubleshoot. Specific tools need to be used which are meant for a particular purpose to ensure fiber optic cables are not damaged and high performance is achieved. There are different procedures to be adapted in order to get effective results and it is imperative to understand these basic, but golden rules, in order to get the best results.

What are the different kinds of fiber optic tools for testing and installation?

Splicing ToolsThere are fiber optics that need to be melted together, for which splicing tools are required. There are different kinds of splicing tools for fiber optics that are available in the market. They are heat oven, fiber splice protection sleeves, fusion splice, optic lever, and many others. Mechanical and fusion splicing are the two kinds of splicing that can be done. Two fiber ends of an optic cable are held together in order to have a light pass from one fiber to another. This kind of process is managed by mechanical tools. Infusion splicing, glass ends of the fiber are fused or welded together to ensure that there is a continuous connection and very little light is lost

Fiber Inspection or Fiber Tools

Fiber tools are used for the production and troubleshooting of fiber optics, to ensure that they work continuously and effectively. There are various aspects of a cable that can be tested; the amount of power that is being transmitted, breakages, and any other aspect that needs to be checked. There are different kinds of inspection tools that can be used and some of them are faulty locators and optical identifiers.

Cleaning Tools

In order to transmit light without any obstruction, it is important to ensure that the fiber cables are free from dust, dirt, oil, and other constraints. The main areas that require cleaning are connectors and ferrules. No cables should be touched with bare or naked hands, in order to avoid contamination and damaging of the cables. Alcohol and wipes are the best materials to be used for cleaning.

The various kinds of Fiber Optic Tools offered by 3C3 and their uses:

Splicing Machines

Splicing Machines like OFS-108, OFS-109, and Fiber Splicing Tool Kits are used for high-speed fiber fusion.

Fiber Strippers and Fiber Jacket Strippers

These tools are used to remove the jacketing, from 1.6 mm to 3.0 mm. The coating is stripped to expose the fiber cladding.


There are two kinds of Cutters – Fiber Cable Yarn Cutters and Fiber Tubing Cutters. Cutters are used to cut the members inside the Fiber Jackets and the Metal Central Tube.

Fiber Optic Adapters

They are used to join two fiber optic patch cables together and come with superior low loss performances and high repeatability.


Splicing Machines like OFS-108, OFS-109, and Fiber Splicing Tool Kits are used for high-speed fiber fusion.

Splicing Machines

3C3 offers Universal Round Fiber Cable Slitters, Armored Cable Slitters, and Longitudinal Cable Sheath Slitters and is used for jacket removal of PE, PVC, and Rubber

High Precision Cleavers

They are used to cleave fibers quickly, easily, and effectively and are a perfect aid to any field splicing systems.

Features of Tools from 3C3 – Why choose us for your Tools?

Our tools are used by several manufacturers across various industries, thus making them flexible and user-friendly.

The prices are so cost-effective that customers are pleasantly surprised and delighted with their effectiveness and the value-add that they bring to the business.

These tools are designed in such a way that they meet the challenges that new-age businesses demand.

The material of the highest quality is used, thus making our tools deliver excellent and consistent performance, anytime, every time.

They are waterproof and moisture resistant and hence they can be used, both indoors and outdoors.

When a comparison is made with other products available in the industry, we stand out from the competition for our effectiveness and uniqueness.