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The Unique Benefits of Inline Couplers

When it comes to transferring video and audio, cube taps, power strips, and other ethernet cable equivalents are not typically long enough to be effective. While some companies opt to replace them with longer cables, there is a simpler, cheaper alternative: using an inline coupler.

An inline coupler works by connecting together two similar cables, forming a seamless connection between the two cables. These are extremely efficient in elongating the wire without having to cut off the connectors and splice two cables together.

Inline couplers are small and inexpensive and seem simple on the outside but are a complex system that can accommodate up to eight connections on each side so signals will pass through them without any loss of signal integrity. Cat5e and Cat6 inline couplers can aid in making connections where several network cables need to be linked together or extended without affecting performance.

3C3 makes Category 6 (Cat6) couplers that use IDC termination so as to maintain signal strength through the cables. These are available in an unshielded type and are keystone RJ45 couplers that are compatible with both blank patch panels as well as wall plates, as well as face plate applications. The RJ45 feed through couplers are designed for computer networking as well as for voice and data transfer. RJ45 couplers solutions are engineered to give you high performance in a compact design.

These inline couplers are extremely easy to use and efficient as they come with a colour code printed over the cap and are very user-friendly, and are also able to feed through 1G solutions. This simple, lightweight and cheap technology can give your consumers an easier, faster solution to lagging internet. Read more such blogs on trends and news about the industry on our website.