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3C3, founded in 2013 under the 'Make In India' initiative, is a technology-driven company specializing in sustainable connectivity solutions. As a leading optic fibre manufacturer in India with ISO certifications, we provide high-quality integrated cabling solutions. Our dedicated R&D team creates cutting-edge passive cable connections in copper and fibre optics, tailored to meet specific client needs.

We're known for standards-compliant installations and excellent customer service, making us the preferred OEM for government and private entities. Our international presence extends from Singapore to the Middle East and Africa, where we continue to deliver exceptional products and services guided by our motto, 'Performance & Excellence.'


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10th Year Anniversary

Capturing a decade of impactful moments and cherished memories in our organization's journey through vibrant snapshots of our 10th-year anniversary celebration.

Annual Meet 24-25

Experience the dynamic array of engaging activities and insightful discussions at this year's Annual Meet on 24th-25th, fostering collaboration and innovation within our community.

BICSI Bangalore

Join us at the BICSI meetup in Bangalore for a compelling lineup of industry-leading presentations, networking opportunities, and cutting-edge discussions shaping the future

BICSI Mumbai

Join industry leaders and professionals at the BICSI Mumbai meetup for insightful discussions, networking opportunities, and the latest advancements

Partners Meet @ Mumbai

Discover new synergies and strategic collaborations at the Partners Meet in Mumbai, where innovation and partnership converge for mutual growth and success.

Partners Meet @ Calicut

Discover synergistic collaborations and strategic partnerships at the Partners Meet @ Calicut, fostering innovation and growth opportunities for businesses in the region.

Partners Meet @ Hyderabad

Join industry leaders and innovators at the Partners Meet @ Hyderabad for dynamic networking and collaborative opportunities driving business growth and innovation.

Partners Meet @ Kolkata

Engage in transformative discussions and forge valuable partnerships at the Partners Meet @ Kolkata, catalyzing synergies for business expansion and innovation.

Partners Meet @ Pune

Unlock new opportunities and strategic alliances at the past Partners Meet @ Pune, fostering dynamic collaborations and innovation in the business landscape.

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