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Connecting businesses with communication solutions with over 20 years of experience

We're joining forces as 3C3 to emerge as the dominant player in the realm of customer experience. And that's not the end of it. As a united entity, we're prepared to take the lead in harnessing AI's vast potential within the expansive landscape, while also expanding our commitment to sustainable practices through enhanced initiatives in energy efficiency, waste reduction, and conservation. This exciting new chapter represents a positive shift that ensures you stay at the forefront of your network requirements. Embrace the future of customer-focused connectivity with 3C3. Welcome to a new era.

LAN Solutions

Empower your network with our LAN Solutions, for seamless connectivity and unparalleled performance

Data Center Solutions

Build your data center with reliable network infrastructure that is capable of responding to your business needs with high-performance & scalability, OR make it future ready! 

Industrial Grade Solutions

Industrial ethernet is driving the automation of industrial applications. Our MICE classified products helps you to design a dependable network connectivity with consistence performance in harsh environments.

Surveillance Solutions

Our innovations will lower your capital costs of surveillance network by deploying specific connectivity products. 

FTTH & Telecom Solutions

With our high density FTTH solutions, your network is scalable and support multiple applications with simplified operations. 

Pathway Solutions

Designed to meet your needs our pathway containment supports the cables en route, makes the subsequent management of cables easier & creates the installation aesthetically pleasing.

Tools & Testers

To keep your network running at peak performance, our high-quality installation tools are must to use while installing new cables or for troubleshooting exiting cable infrastructure. Optimize the functioning of cable connectivity by validating with qualified Tester. 

ICM Solutions

Empower your network with our LAN Solutions, for seamless connectivity and unparalleled performance

Unique Solutions

For challenges encountered with cabling network, we provide innovative answers through passive technologies, unconventional ideas, and thinking out of the box.

Rack Solutions

Our racks are designed to provide unmatched performance in terms of speed and reliability. Try our customized rack designs to meet your specific requirements. 

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Exploring the Latest Advancements and Industry News

Engage in insightful conversations about the latest tech advancements, industry news, and thought-provoking discussions with industry experts. Stay informed and be part of the ever-evolving tech dialogue.

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